Planting Seeds of Greatness With the Power of Words
Babies begin lifestyles with a clean web            With the Power of Words                page of endless opportunities. We must all be selective about the phrases we write within the e book of a toddler's life. Will we write phrases of encouragement, love, and compassion; or do we plaster the pages with hate, predicament, and resentment? Have you ever heard someone announce loudly my toddler is a terrible two-12 months-old? Zig Ziglar, motivational speaker and writer says, "as opposed to saying the "terrible twos" say they are the superb twos, the tremendous threes, the top notch fours, the fantastic fives, the excellent sixes, the sensational sevens. And bet where his or her self-photograph is due to the fact we believe that? That's proper, he or she will be able to have a healthy self-photograph due to the fact that enter has been enforced and reinforced." Words have energy! Always start by way of announcing something high quality to yourself and others. How can you try this? 1) Take a second to Stop and Think earlier than you communicate. 2) Say something fantastic and motivating. 3) Tell them you care approximately them, agree with in them, and love them. Choose your phrases accurately. If the President of the business enterprise you work for got here over and complimented you with a smile on his face stated, "If you preserve running like this you may be President of the Company sooner or later!" Would you be recommended and inspired to paintings harder in your boss, the President of your company? Of course you would! Positive words of reputation, proposal, and encouragement make better employees! Jim Sundberg played for the Texas Rangers and later for the arena champion Kansas City Royals as a catcher. As a toddler in Fresno, California his father might watch him play baseball and stated to him, "One of in recent times, you will develop up and be a Major League ballplayer." Jim stated, "My Dad planted in my mind what I could be within the destiny." He planted words of perception, hope, and care! His father planted the seed in his thoughts whilst he was a child! Jim Sundberg and Bill Glass, all American soccer participant and NFL big name had been main a prison ministry in one of the prisons. During a spoil, Jim stated to Bill, "You know, I'm so happy I did not develop up and disappoint my dad." Nearby a prisoner became standing close to them and said, "Well, you understand what? I actually didn't develop up and disappoint my dad. I'm precisely wherein he said I changed into going to be." When Jim Sundberg changed into a child his father planted the seed in his thoughts that he might be a super ball player! The prisoner's father when he changed into a toddler planted in his mind what he could grow to be. Your words have energy. Choose them carefully! How are you able to pick out your words accurately? 1) Take a second and prevent and assume carefully before you communicate! 2) Say some thing effective and motivating. 3) Tell them you care approximately them and love them. Plant exact seeds of hope and fantastic encouraging phrases! Thomas Edison at 7 become a terrible scholar in school and the trainer known as him "addled". (Scrambled) His mom changed into a trained instructor and decided to dispose of him from the college to train him at home. Mrs. Edison modified the picture of how Thomas saw himself! Thomas Edison many years later stated, "My mother became the making of me. She turned into so authentic, so certain of me, and I felt I had someone to live for, a person I ought to now not disappoint." Plant positive phrases (seeds) of success on your children, for your students, to your own family participants, and your employees and they'll work more difficult and happier for you! A fine phrase of encouragement can help alternate anyone's destiny. Choose your words "accurately". My preferred saying is "every pupil is a gem in the raw." Start with that idea and work along with your college students. Believe that every of your students, on the first day of school, desires to examine your path and wants to research. As a trainer my finest joy is to look a student realize their capacity and work closer to their goal. One day, I obtained a name from a mom of a high faculty pupil. She stated, "My husband's agency advocated you as a violin teacher for my son. I would choose a person to train him, however will provide you with a attempt. My son is lazy and stupid." I replied, "Please do not talk that manner about your son in front of him or to others." I agreed to educate her son, if she would say "only encouraging words" to him. At our first violin lesson a young man with multi colored hair, an earring, and extraordinary searching garments walked into the room. His head changed into down and he appeared sad.

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